Wednesday, January 07, 2009

welcome back, me

Deep, long sigh of satisfied satisfaction....

I had my first Yogafit class of 2009 this evening, in fact my first since I was 6 months pregnant and transitioned to the much more low-key ante-natal yoga for the last few months. 

And omg, it was sublime.

As the class started, with the soft music and our wonderful teacher's soothing tone starting us off on breathing exercises, I actually almost had a little cry.

It felt so good to be there, like I was climbing back inside my own head, and in that calm and contemplative space I found a part of myself I hadn't felt since Frieda was born. Hello, me. Where you been girl? And hey wow, I'm glad you're still in there.

And it seems, so too were some of my core muscles! Despite 18 months of only ever doing a few sessions myself, my body remembered so much, was still able to do so much. And although I may be a stiff and aching wreck tomorrow (bring it on!), I've come home confident that I am still that lean, mean yoga machine. Just well cushioned that's all.


Amanda said...

Way to go, girl! I too have that feeling when I get back into exercising, and all along as I get deeper into it. For me it is running, you yoga. Whateves, we're all the better for it!

Fi said...

You'd better not get too used to it! ;)

That all sounds absolutely glorious and unimaginable to me at the moment! I'm glad yuou are getting back into it, can't wait til I do something like this too!