Thursday, June 04, 2009

the week in stats

number of days it has rained in succession: 7

number of fender-benders I've seen: 5

number of wardrobe crises I've had: 8 (dinner out on Tuesday night necessitated a wardrobe change. ack.)

number of pregnancy tests bought: 1 (just got a funny feeling ... )

number of positive results: 0 (turns out it was PMT. duh.)

number of episodes of Postman Pat watched: 8 (4 x 2)

number of times I've read Penguin: 4562

number of times poor Lego has missed out on a walk due to rain: 3

number of chew toys Lego's annihilated: 4

number of tissues Frieda's used: 852

number of times I've shuddered at the thought of Nu-Skin: 53

number of times I've done something, anything, to avoid tidying my desk: 8

number of blog posts I will allow myself to write before I tidy desk: 0

Goodbye dear blog, I may be some time.


Extranjera said...

'Oates' will forever be code for severe 'I really do have a real life out here somewhere (maybe under these dishes), which involves cleaning and a heap of dirty tissues'.
Love statistics. Always have. They can say exactly what you want them to.

rxBambi said...

I love stats as long as I don't have to analyze them. Lists tho, I can handle those.

Just Jules said...

this is hilarious!

julochka said...

please don't wander into a blizzard just to avoid cleaning your desk. it can't be that bad, can it?

i'm still shuddering at the nu-skin thing. and just that name is wrong.

Bee said...

I can guess so much about your life from reading these stats! Sorry about the rain . . . and also the Postman Pat (it's been years, but the song still rings in my head).

I know that the world has become topsy-turvy when England has had a week of sun, but it is raining in South Africa.

P.S. Thanks for reading my post about Hearts and Minds. The South African character in it, Ian, was really interesting to me. Craig was born in South Africa.

Bee said...

And what is Nu-Skin?

Polly said...

sounds like quite a week, and I love statistics too. how on Earth did you come up with that tissue number!

And yes, what is nu-skin, please?

Molly said...

re Oates - gotcha Ext, in our family too!
re Nu-skin - see this post - it's a horror

re desk-cleaning - look at me answering my comments rather than doing it cos hey, answering comments doesn't count as actual blogging right?