Saturday, January 12, 2013

the grumps

Today, I had them.

Two nights of bad sleep - last night a particularly spectacular mash-up of bad back, throbbing spot, annoying cat, restless children, snoring husband - a bit (okay, a lot) of 'back-to-school' misery, and apprehension, a whole lot of 'whatamIgoingtobewhenIgrowup' angst. The perfect blend of ingredients to produce an exquisite case of the GRUMPS this morning.

Those grumps you can't get out of because frankly, you don't want to. Those grumps you almost become protective about. These are MY grumps and it feels like they're the only thing I've got going for me right now so just LEAVE ME ALONE WITH ME AND MY GRUMPS M'KAY?

But of course they don't. Kids I mean. Kids only understand their own grumps, they've fuckall respect for anyone else's.
Slitty eyes.

Mid morning I packed my eldest and my GRUMPS into the car to head off to a 5 yr old's birthday party. RAD venue for the grumps indeed. I was NOT GOING TO HAVE FUN and the only thing keeping me from dropping and fleeing was that it was a swimming party and as Frieda's not an entirely proficient swimmer yet I thought I'd better stick around and be watchful. Oh, and grumpy of course. Couldn't leave the grumps in the car by themselves now could I?

But turns out I may as well have. 

Because instantly I was welcomed by lovely, stoic, inspiring, refreshing and caring Other Mums. Women who all may have had some grumps concealed in their handbags too, but weren't going to waste fun social time (precious social time as all our smalls were occupied in the pool) with indulging them.
We laughed and drank beer and compared tans and shared and wiped cake off each other's dresses and just ... made light of it all.

Never, ever underestimate the power of girl friends. I love learning this lesson over and over and over again.


Anonymous said...

Love this!

ExMi said...

being grumpy is cool, i geddit. but being able to put the grumps aside and have fun with other people? still learning to do that....