Thursday, October 17, 2013

I'd call it 'subtweet' but the person I'm referring to isn't reading.

Man sits down at a bar. Small voice says, 'Nice shirt.'
Man looks around confused, catches the barman's eye who indicates with his head, 'It's the nuts,' he says, 'They're complimentary.'

Drum roll ...

The ability to take a compliment has become one of my measures of a person. The manner in which one receives a reasonable compliment speaks to your confidence, how comfortable you are in your skin or your stage of life - take it well and you're my kind of person.

I'm no gusher. If I tell you I like your laugh, your house, your hair or your mind, if I compliment your kids, your style, your ass or your driving skills, I'm being really sincere.

So it bugs me when people - adults - are too self-deprecating to take a compliment. Specifically people who have beautiful homes, good jobs, healthy families and the wherewithal to serve bloody good champagne.
I know that everyone has shit, I know that seemingly perfect lives can be deeply flawed, I know that people are not always who they seem.
But acknowledge your privilege. Count your blessings. Have the grace to take a good compliment on the chin.

Your hair looks amazing!


julochka said...

i blame the culture around us more than a lack of self-confidence. if it's not ok to show off or be something or somebody in the culture where you find yourself - if they have an actual WORD for this (janteloven), then it's very hard to gracefully take a compliment, because it's not seen as graceful not to discount it. but you're right, it's a really, really bad habit and we should work on that. and by we, i mean me. tho' i realize it's not me you're talking about here...i always say, "oh, it was on sale." or "i bought these boots 18 years ago" when i'm complimented on something i'm wearing. i've got to stop it and fight the prevailing culture around me.

Molly said...

I pressed publish on this last night and went out to meet a friend for drinks.
As we sat down she told me I was looking great and straight away I replied: 'Thanks but I've gotten so fat.'
Ack. Guilty.