Thursday, August 21, 2008

the poop chronicles: chapter 2

So, what, 6 months later or something, I'm back with a quick update and then to permanently, for now, change the tone of this blog.

The Husband, in an attempt to keep the neighbourhood rogue tom-cat from pissing on his bike cover, purchased Get Off, one of those sprays which claim to keep cats & dogs away from the treated area.
This seemed to work so well on his cover that he started spraying our drive-way gate, to deter dogs with lazy%&*!!owners from pooping there.

Imagine my amusement a few weeks later when I noticed that our drive-way had been remarkably clear for some time? Then a short glance up the pavement revealed that a scant few metres away, our neighbour's drive-way was totally besmirched, covered in poop!
Proof that this product not only prevents dogs from pooping where it's sprayed, but also causes a spontaneous bowel release just a bit further down the drag?

Wha ha ha ha ha.

However, I should really start spraying the neighbour's gates too... 
Posted by Molly at 10:16 PM Sunday, August 17, 2008

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