Monday, March 21, 2011

[insert title here*]

baking with leftovers
human rights day cookies
ebony & ivory
take that crappy oreo filth

Any of these would be applicable here. Cookies baked with leftover chocolate cookie dough and white chocolate melts, on an important public holiday, for no other reason than I had to bake.
You know when you have to have to bake?
Yup, like that.


Mrs.Rotty said...

Those look delish!!

Inge said...

i wish i could bake! these look friggin`delicious - yummy :)

molly said...

see, here's the thing: i would eat those, i mean i HAVE TO eat those, in less than a second. but, i never, ever, never, i swear never ever, feel like i HAVE TO bake!?! why is that?