Sunday, March 27, 2011

my baby

She rests her warm palm lightly on my cheek as I lie with her in the middle of the night. Four fingertips trace slowly down my face, conveniently brush an annoying strand of hair from my nose, then snag on my lips.
One finger hangs there a while, then drops heavily to the bed.
Her breathing is deep and smooth.
Then, in one quick decisive move, she rolls over and nestles back until she perfectly spoons me, her head under my chin, her toes on my knees.

She's getting tall, my small girl. Growing fast, but still my baby.

When Frieda turned 1 she seemed so big, so grown-up. But when measured against her nearly-4 sister, Stella is still a baby.
My baby.


MissBuckle said...

I already know what you mean. And the big one only gets bigger.

McGillicutty said...

Awwee I love those times, when if you move your hand they find it... they are so soft and little. They grow but you still would die for

dbs said...

My "baby" shaves now. It's just weird.

Andrea Graham- Feltmaker said...

Oh, I laughed at the "my baby shaves" comment (I can relate!)
My youngest used to curl up on my chest with his knees tucked up and I remember being more and more aware how big, and heavy, he was getting...oh, such sweet times...those tiny warm hands and chubby bodies.

spudballoo said...

I'm late to this...but it's perfect. You captured it so PERFECTLY. my 4yo is my baby, he seems to little...too small and cute to start school in much younger than his brother who started school last September. I guess these are the games that time plays with us x