Sunday, June 05, 2011

me, in lists

fun ~
a trip upcountry BY MYSELF to visit a very wonderful friend. 2 flights and a train ride in which to listen to music and read. 2 afternoon naps. lots of laughs. a full body massage. a pat on a long awaited and joyfully anticipated bump.
2 x outings to the theatre. one for a brash ballet, one for a ponderous puppet show.
a loud evening of lots of food and even more wine.

life ~
poo, or lack thereof. not mine. poo, or too much thereof. again, not mine. art, a little bit of it. mine. plans for a birthday party. slowly saying goodbye to a grandparent. thinking about how to explain that to a small girl. settling into winter. remembering what it's like to be cold. appreciating anew the art of the snuggle.

food ~
cupcakes and champagne. steak. salmon. pizza. more steak. banana bread. lamb stew. wine. clafoutis. mussels. prawns. fillet in a brandy mushroom sauce. more wine. more cupcakes. perfectly roasted vegetables. perfectly roasted potatoes. wine. perfectly roasted pork. chocolate almond biscotti.
winter's not so bad ...


Angelina said...

Yummy list! except for the poo...not yours.

dbs said...

I know it's probably not possible but I think you might have the perfect life.

julochka said...

can i come for dinner? and cupcakes?