Thursday, July 28, 2011

the funny side of paediatric procedures

Okay, okay, so there isn't really a funny side to having to take your 16 month old for x-rays, or to booking her into hospital for the afternoon for a small, but none-the-less intrusive surgical procedure.
I certainly can't imagine a funny side to having to keep her nil by mouth from 8am tomorrow morning until her procedure at 2, or to having to hold her while they put her under, or reassure her when she wakes up pissed off and hungry.
But there's a bit of humour to be found in everything if you look closely enough:

In this case it's the whereabouts of that missing bead from her older sister's afternoon craft project.


dbs said...

Whoa. Good luck with this.

Possum said...

Naaaice!! Did that get their via her nostril?
Absolutely inhumane time for the procedure. Clearly whoever came up with that slot does not have a clue!!
Hope it all goes very well.For BOTH of you.

Possum said...

Spell checker alert...there, not their! Shame on me!!

spudballoo said...

oh that's funny ... the bead, not the procedure. I hope it went ok. 2pm? Taht's awful. Mine have both had a couple of ops and they always do very young children as early in the morning as possible (Bertie's was at 7am!) to avoid the distress of them being nil by mouth during the day. Weep.

Yes, them going under is the absolute pits and then time stands still until they come around. Poor you. xxx

krista said...

what the what? how the hell did that get in there? oh, lord. i'm terrified of tiny xrays.

Molly said...

Thanks everyone, it all went well and she's up and running.
Dudes - she swallowed it, though nostril would've been as accepted and entry point for a child her age :)

Murr Brewster said...

If she swallowed it, wouldn't it just come out--oh, never mind.

Tania said...

Sheesh. That was lucky. Now older sis can finish her crafty project.

(though my commiserations on all the hospital-based palaver).