Wednesday, October 28, 2009

is becoming a reality ...

California Dreamin'. That's how that line's supposed to start, but as that part bears (bares?) absolutely no relevance to my life I'll not include it.

No indeed, what is becoming a reality is this child growing inside me. 20+ weeks, kicking like a donkey (albeit a little one) and just suddenly my brain is starting to ask; where will it sleep? what will it wear? And also, what the hell is it?
So far it's remained elusive, coyly crossing it's legs and refusing to reveal it's true self. In other words defying me already.
It's not that I must know or anything, it's just that I MUST KNOW. And no, it's not a question of pink or blue, it's a question of getting used to the format of our family, of preparing Frieda for her little brother, or sister. Of ordering that Meccano set online for husband if indeed it is another girl (an excuse to buy Meccano seems to be the only real reason why he'd care either way).

And so the urge to start digging out baby clothes and launder them, to start stockpiling nappies and rearrange furniture is growing. But I suffer no dillusions about why I'm feeling this way.

It's all due that other reality. The one in which a crew of men descend on our house at 7am on Monday morning to rip our kitchen and bathroom to pieces. The one in which we need to create a temporary kitchen in our lounge room, clear the cobwebs from the never-used 2nd shower (and make sure it actually has water!), pack up our existing kitchen, make a plan about the dog, order new floor tiles, find a bath we can both agree on without any shouting, find a temporary home for the gazillion powertools, boxes of books, camping gear, furniture etc currently stuffed into the small 'storeroom' which will soon become (can it be?) our Dining Room ... all before 7am on Monday morning.
Makes California sound quite attractive really.

So ja, those baby clothes will have to stay packed away. And this baby, he or she, can carry on kicking back (ha ha ha) and growing, and I'll apply my logistical mind to the more immediate conundrums we face.

Oi vey.


Pattern and Perspective said...

A baby? Well, who knew - not I because I've been a lazy reader lately (of everything except real tangible books) Anyway, I came today to your blog as I was reading on Heather's (skinnylaminx) how you the daughter of the Peter Slingsby that helped (inspired) her Sevilla Rock collection and that your mother is a co-author with her. How fantastic - but it's great you are having a baby. I don't think I'll ever experience that phenom, but I've deal with that issue in recent years (diseased?). Anyway, I have a weird want of buying baby clothes because they are so cute, and I have no kids. I guess I could put them on my dog? haha.

Soozie said...

Wow, you are a brave lady. Dealing with our bathroom refurb was enough for me, let alone a kitchen refurb at the same time! And our bathroom is titchy! But, we did nearly kill each other over the tiles. All the other decisions I simply made myself and presented hubbie with as a fait accompli. Tis the only way sometimes. Good luck! Hope it all goes smoothly. these things all work themselves out in the end.

rxBambi said...

I doubt it's actually a donkey in there, but ya never know... :)
I'm totally jealous of the refurbishing, we seriously need to do the basement.
Enjoy the wonder of not knowing about the little guy (or girl), you'll know soon enough.

MissBuckle said...

Jealous. Again. I love the feeling of a little person growing in me. Maybe it´s time?

julochka said...

excellent planning there what with ripping the house apart at 20 weeks. it sounds exactly like something i'd do!

good luck with it!


p.s. i was wondering why you didn't give me a green light on the robots. :-)

Fi said...

It's a BABY is what it is! Wow, time is going by so quickly isn't it? I shall be looking on your age gap with great interest..... ;)


spudballoo said...

Oh I was the same. I absolutely HAD to know, both times...but especially the second. Partly because it was unplanned and I really was so shocked. I was utterly miserable about that pregnancy until I found out I was having another boy...i wanted a boy...but also I needed to know what our family looked like in the years to come. Sounds odd, but as soon as I knew it was a boy I relaxed...I knew what the future dynamic looked like.

but ooof house refurb? MADNESS!! xx