Thursday, October 22, 2009

random still-exhausted brain farts




View from the Portrait Restaurant, atop the National Portrait Gallery

  • from arb-ing around on facebook earlier I already know my spelling and typing skills are up to shit - be warned
  • 7 shopping days in London: Total number of shoes purchased = zero. W.T.F?
  • number of other be-yooo-ti-fol things purchased = many, many, many.
  • the First World: boy do you forget how immensely different it is when you've been away from it for a while. Wow.
  • Africa: couldn't be happier to live here.
  • Accolades while I was away: a special mention by the enviable Mr London Street. Thanks guv.
  • Frieda: a magnificent angel of a child. It seems she can take my 10 day absence to the other side of the world in her stride, so how come usually I can't even go to the loo without her banging on the door and wailing?
  • Unrelated news: in the craziness leading up to my departure I forgot to mention the large-scale renovation (you know, that now-globally-standard pre-baby renovation?) we're about to embark on. As in, probably on Monday. Gulp.
  • Upcoming attractions: pictorial posts about the trip. 
  • Release dates dependent on ability of brain to switch back on and whether there'll be space to plug in my laptop in the one room we'll soon to be confined to for all our cooking, eating and hanging out needs.
  • Life is fun.


rxBambi said...

I'm seriously trying not to be jealous of your London trip. It helps that you didn't buy shoes.
Glad you're home and Frieda is a champ.

Skinny laMinx said...

Beautiful photos, amazing-looking food: you lucky, lucky thing!