Saturday, October 24, 2009

london ~ food

Fortifying Sashimi & Edamame Bean Snack on arrival at Victoria Station.

Huevos Rancheros, brunch at Giraffe on the South Bank.

Starbucks, of course, but you know, actually not as good as Vida!

Tea at Liberty's. This is supposedly a serving for 1!
Genuine b&w Willow Pattern china, clotted cream, ginger cake and so much more ... sigh.
(3 pound 50 for Rooibos tea - wha ha ha ha ha)

Scallops with Parsnip Cream & Crispy Bacon, a starter at the Portrait Restaurant,
National Portrait Gallery.
 Poached Autumnal fruit with Cinnamon Ice-Cream,
dessert at same.
Swedish meatballs at IKEA!
Just a tad less swanky ...
Rocket, Parma Ham & Parmesan Pizza. Super thin base. Bliss.
Cute bowl of cappuccino, somewhere on King's Road.
Genuine bangers & mash with sprouting broccoli and onion gravy,
Lots Pub, maybe in Putney?
That mash was something else.
FOUR choices of Ben & Jerry's!
1 x excellent reason to immigrate.
More American imperialism - Krispy Kreme at Heathrow.
Pooling our remaining cash for one last sushi blow-out at Yo Sushi, Heathrow.


rxBambi said...

I love Giraffe, it is such a cool place and the food is awesome.
Krispy Kreme's are only good when they are hot right out of the oven, other than that I can take 'em or leave 'em
Scallops have to be one of my top favorite foods and those looked amazing!

Still trying not to be jealous over here...

MissBuckle said...


caroldiane said...

mmmm - fabulous food shots - I am starving now!!

marinik said...

oh man... i'm salivating here... not a good time to be looking at all this food yummm

julochka said...

this makes me want sushi for breakfast.

and scallops.

and some mash.

and a super thin crust crispy pizza with salady bits on top.

we have lots of flavors of ben & jerry's here too. mmm...chocolate chip cookie dough is the best.