Sunday, November 14, 2010

this time in november

We have this place we go, I've mentioned it before.

We usually go for my Mum's birthday weekend in March. This year we went in Feb due to an expected arrival in March.
Despite so much having happened since then I still find it weird how little I recall of that weekend in February. I know I was enormous. I remember I napped a lot. I know I took a packed hospital bag with me just in case we did a mad dash back to town. But other than that I'm hazy.

So I was really pleased when my parents took the house for the week last week and invited the girls and I to join them.
We ate. We napped. We enjoyed having Stella there (ex-utero) for the first time. The girls spent quality time with their beloved grandparents and in the evenings I got to hang out with my Mum & Dad, just the 3 of us.
A rare and special occurence.

It's a funny old house. We're a funny old family. A good fit.


Possum said...

Made me feel a tad nostalgic too.

McGillicutty said...

Those flowers on the shelf liners seem familiar to me??? weird???? must have been some kind of popular thing way back when....
Sharing your babies with the family is about the best part of being a Mum.