Friday, March 13, 2009

an annual retreat

It's my Mum's birthday on the 16th and this weekend we're joining the rest of my family for our now-annual retreat to a gorgeous house outside Stanford.

This'll be the 3rd year we're gathering there, and it's been a big 3 years for the family.

The first year I was pregnant with Frieda and my middle brother's girlfriend joined us - her first weekend away with the whole family.

Last year we had baby Frieda with us, the same brother and his girlfriend had just got married and joined us en route home from their honeymoon and we were celebrating my Mum's 60th.

This year we'll have toddler Frieda, middle brother & wife 1 year on and still grinning like newly-weds, youngest brother and his girlfriend, my parents and their dogs as usual, and our new puppy!

We're just getting bigger (and I think better), and this annual weekend in March is such a nice time to recap, hang out, eat like piggies, play horrendously competitive games of croquet and, in the evenings, Black Bitch, take long walks, and hopefully long snoozes, and just be family.

So that's my grateful Friday (the 13th nogal) ~ gratefully looking forward to a fun-filled weekend with my very nearest and dearest.

And grateful for Frieda's long nap, which allowed me to bake a birthday cake and a couple of trays of brownies in preparation.

Did I mention we eat like piggies!

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julochka said...

sounds heavenly, but i have to admit i kept thinking you were going to reveal that you were pregnant with #2! :-) have a great weekend!