Friday, February 25, 2011

and then just like that ...

... in the last week I :

~ went to a rock concert
~ slept for 9 unbroken hours
~ drank espresso
~ started a major DIY project
~ varnished a door while the girls occupied themselves at my feet
~ varnished my fingernails
~ went cycling with a friend one evening
~ cooked a meal which will happily feed 3 generations
(okay so it's macaroni cheese, but my Dad's had a craving and the girls love it)

None of these I would've thought possible three months ago.
And suddenly it all is. Just like that we're here, a space in which it feels there is infinite possibility.


MissBuckle said...

Oh, I know that feeling. will be good to have it with two as well, but I have to enjoy this time.

middle child said...

Mac and cheese is my FAVORITE!!!!

dbs said...

Love that feeling. Hope it lingers.