Friday, February 11, 2011


Stella has had an unidentifiable rash over most of her body for most of this week.
Diagnosis is 'baby measles', a handy pediatric fallback for an unidentifiable infant rash.
It seems to not have affected her too badly but proven to be a handy parental fallback for explaining away behaviour which could otherwise be the alarmingly early onset of Le Tantrum.

Despite this (or because of?) I've been out 3 nights this week in a rash of social engagements not seen round these parts since ... well since last time I was getting decent sleep.
As a result I'm tired today, foggy, scratchy, possibly a little hungover. I can't remember what I was planning/hoping to achieve so instead I'm baking brownies.
Not such a bad compromise.

And it was possibly a little rash - dizzy from the excitement of missing suicide hour, slightly crazed by being out, drinking wine, while Husband fed, bathed & bedded the babies, a little annoyed by the twenty-somethings at the next table calling each other Do, Ray, Me, (did I mention drinking wine?) - to fire off a post about abbreviated names without thinking about how we most often give silly little names to those we love.

Abbreviations as terms of endearment can never be wrong. My nearest & dearest call me Mols and I love it. Parents, lovers, kindred spirits - they should all have license to use cutsie diminutives.
But never on facebook.

That just gives me a rash.

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