Monday, February 07, 2011


I found the spider.

On our bedroom ceiling at about 11 pm the other night.

There followed a funny sequence of events in which Husband tossed a shirt up at the offending beastie (we have very high ceilings), gingerly stuffed shirt into wastepaper basket and carried it out to the perimetre of the property where, quickly and with great skill, he attempted to flick the spider out into the street.
Of course, as in all good spider stories, we then had that moment where he got spooked and, convinced that the spider was on me, on me omg it's on me, he let go of the shirt. Necessitating opening the gate and carefully retrieving his (previously crisp white) shirt from the road, hoping all the time that the neighbours were indoors.
In his defense he didn't scream like a girl once.
My sister-in-law left for work one morning last week and found a R100 note lying on her front step.

When she got home that evening someone had taken a dump outside her living room window.

I met a 3 year old today who is so lacking in any kind of sweet tooth (no cake, chocolate, sweets etc) that he doesn't eat grapes 'cos they're 'too sugary'.
Last night Stella choked on the medicine I was trying to give her for her sore throat. In her Dad's arms, in the dark, she made a retching noise and he started hopping around making disgusted noises.
I was a bit annoyed - man up dude, it's just a bit of baby barf.
Turns out she'd not puked at all.
But the cat had earlier, and he'd just trodden in it.
I've got social plans for the next three evenings. Plans which involve leaving the house, probably in make-up, drinking wine and hanging out with awesome people.
A few months back in sleepless hell I'd not have believed this could be possible.

Life is funny. Funny ha ha and also funny strange.


MissBuckle said...

I'm laughing my head off. Especially bout the cat-barf.

dbs said...

Whoa. No one does random better than you. P.S. One of my neighbour-friends (a guy) got attacked by a robin and screamed like a girl like I have never heard a girl scream. I fell off a ladder once trying to escape from a spruce bug. I probably screamed like a girl too. So let's be honest. I know your husband actually did scream. Tell him it's okay.