Monday, January 06, 2014

a few of my favourite things

Julie did this today, much more artfully and better lit than me, but I had to play along so did a quick whip around the house with my camera before we lost all light (it's an unseasonably grey and rainy day here, 'summer rain' coincidentally being one of my other favourite things ...).

my silver and gold (and some white gold) rings, and some of my adored yellow glass collection
my beloved Shy Girl by Frank van Reenen
my growing Lego minifig collection, inspired again by Julie ... got a couple of gaps to fill yet. Yay!
there are a couple of interlopers in the collection, incl. Mr Frosty - he's awesome
Nguni cattle poster. I adore Nguni's, have I mentioned Husband's promised to buy me one one day?
my Liesel Trautmann ceramics ... I have a growing collection
Tord Boontje Garland, draped around the light on our stairwell
And I haven't even pictured these sneakers or these or this fabulous awesomeness ... I often get despondent that I don't have cash to buy nice things, this was a timely reminder that I already have some very nice things indeed!


julochka said...

my light was going make me want to expand on my list! maybe we make a whole week of favorite things!

i have a couple of nguni purses - in b&w and red & white. tho' come to think of it, i think my sister has stolen one or more of those, as i'm not sure where they are.

after i did my post. i thought of some of my 70s danish pottery. definitely going to do another one. and i'm so glad you did one too!

and you do not have nearly enough minifigs. :-)

Emm & Dash said...

Hey, where did you get that poster of the nguni cows?
I saw it a while back somewhere and have been looking for it ever since!
Please help me find it.

Molly said...

Hi, I bought mine at Clarkes Bookshop in Long Street, CT. Maybe give them a call and see if they still have stock or a source for their supplier?