Tuesday, May 20, 2014

still not 40!

But to be honest, having moments in which I kind of wish I was ...

I know that sounds ridiculous, but right now, on my 39th birthday, I'm SO fine (and indeed excited) at the thought of my 40's that a part of me wishes that was starting now.
Lord knows how that might change and what kind of crises of aging I could have in the next 364 days ...

This evening one of my older sisters-in-law (I have many) remarked on how in years gone by she'd never find us at home when she phoned to wish me, or if we were there'd be loud voices and shenanigans in the background ...
This birthday is the quietest one I've had in years. And I couldn't be happier.

Takeaways for supper, whiskey cocktails to toast with, husband upstairs putting the girls to bed and then we're catching up with Game of Thrones. There may even be dessert.
Pure bliss.

I got in from Joburg last night, after a fantastic and exhausting few days, tomorrow I'll need to face my inbox in earnest, but today was all about me - and that's how birthdays ought to be right?

I've got a little bit of fun planned though.

My collage tutor is headlining this exhibition opening on Saturday night, and asked me to submit a piece. Yup, an artwork of mine will appear in an exhibition.
My very first.

If I was a bucket list kind of girl, and if I had one of things to do/achieve before I'm 40, then this would've been on it.


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