Saturday, October 22, 2022

lucky draw

My Dad turned 76 today.

My brother is 44 next weekend.

We made them a half carrot, half chocolate cake to celebrate their 120 years of combined magnificence. 

Meat, potatoes, salads and wine. Cake.
These things that can be grounding, pedestrian, reliable, bask in the realm of miracles and wonder when you get old enough to understand how damn lucky you are to have them, to be here now.


31 years down the line with my man.

He turned 50 in July, we've been married for 19 years this month, together for 12 before that. So many numbers, just numbers, but translated into years and months and days together? I mean, talk about miracles.

Keeps the home fires burning, makes it home wherever he is.

On the subject of numbers...

Two weeks ago I bought a raffle ticket at a local fair. Standing in the queue to fill in my details on the sheet I overheard two ladies behind me. One was very concerned that someone else would take her lucky number before she got to claim it on the form.
This got me thinking about what number I would choose - I don't really have a 'lucky' one.
I was handed the sheet open in the 40's. I'll take 47 I thought, it's my age this year so why not.
Then I heard the whispering behind me again and I turned to the worried woman: What's your number? I asked, so I don't take it accidentally.
47, she said.
You know that moment when the world just slows a little? This is so weird I thought. So weird!
Then I filled in number 48 and we joked about her winning and I went about my day.

This afternoon I got a phone call. 48 drew for the main prize.
It's a romantic weekend away in an amazing location.
I mean, what benevolent karmic gods of glorious fuck did I awaken with that one??