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Yeah, maybe I'm heading out the gates too fast on this one, but for someone who read her first book of the year for 2021 in June, I'm pretty proud of already having two great reads under my belt in the last couple of weeks... 

1. The Motion of the Body Through Space - Lionel Shriver
What is a year without a Lionel Shriver? A bad year (not surprising I didn't read one of hers in 2021...). This one is magnificent for being about fitness, a world I have more insight into now than I did a few years ago, and aging - another pertinent topic tbh). 
As always with Lionel I sometimes find the dialogue between characters hard - they're so blatant with each other - but the content, the musings, the clever thought into the people and topics is so enriching.

2. The World That We Knew - Alice Hoffman
Another favourite author, but only when she's employing magic realism I've discovered. Some of her more literal work I've not enjoyed as much.
This is beautiful and painful. A young German girl fleeing the Nazi's with a golem, tasked by her mother to protect her. (Forget LoTR, not that kind of golem).

3. A Little Influence - Zoe Mafham
No picture because it's a manuscript - the SECOND novel from my great friend Zoe in the last two years! It's an honour to be asked to read and feedback on Zoe's work - she has a special talent and it makes me wonder if it's too late to become an actual editor. It's not right?

4. The German Boy - Patricia Wastveldt
The THIRD time I've read this! The last reread was 2014 according to these lists of mine, so the first must've been some years before that. The cover above is the same as the first copy I read.
Just as good as I remembered, and long enough ago that there were still quite a few surprises. Harrowing but compelling, like any good wartime read right?
I read this long before I discovered Maggie O'Farrell but as it basically says on this red sticker - same vibes.

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