Books :: 2019

1. What Happened - Hillary Clinton
Started the year with a powerhouse. Was a bit strange as I was simultaneously watching the last series of House of Cards ... An interesting read, I liked the parts about her - her personal preparation for the presidency and her recovery from her loss. It was warm and engaging, and very honest.

2. Tangerine
Very weird novel. I spent the first two thirds waiting for something to happen and the last third rolling my eyes. I can't really think why I stuck it out, except maybe because I was on holiday and my brain was mostly switched off anyway?

3. Pompidou Posse
First local novel of 2019. Husband read it first and warned me that it was very depressing as a parent of girls... Two girls backpacking in Paris and getting up to all kinds of wild shit and not contacting their parents.
I didn't find it that disturbing, my daughters would never do that right? It was entertaining actually, and I've been wanting to read Sarah Lotz for a while, I'm going to look for more.

4. Ginny Moon
The kind of book which makes me miss book club - they would've loved this one, and back then I would've been so excited to share it with them.
Sad, intriguing, Ginny has a wonderful voice - even more impressive for being written by a man. I loved this.

FOUR BOOKS IN A MONTH! But it was January, traditionally the longest month of the year ha ha.

5. The Story of Edgar Sawtelle
Dense, slow, heavy ... filled with magnificent doggies. I loved it.

6. Everything You Know
Disappointing. I loved Notes on a Scandal so much, years ago, and was hoping I'd found a new favourite but this one was angsty and annoying. Mind you I was feeling angsty and annoyed the weekend I read it so maybe this isn't the most fair analysis.

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