Friday, February 28, 2014


I've rewarded myself (after the stupid, stupid job I've just finished) with a month of collage classes with this lady.

I can't draw. Or sew. The medium I've always been most comfortable in is paper, and I've been playing with collage since high school.
[SIDE TRACKED! I went off looking for a collaged workbook I knew I still had from 1992 and found my old diaries ... there goes my weekend!]

all mine
Naturally I signed up for the course and immediately started a 'collage' board on Pinterest.

someone else's
I've no idea what to expect, and I'm very happy to remain ignorant until class starts and let the ideas rush in then, but it doesn't hurt to hone your eye right?

I'm drawn to changing perspective and message through simple techniques.

Nick Paliughli
I like the use of negative space.

Jeorge Chamarro
I'd like to tell something of my life.

But my god I'd also love to be able to do this.

Derek Gores
And I wish I'd made this.

But all my (cough) best work thus far has always been spontaneous and inspired by the images on hand, I can't wait to see what Wednesday evening holds.

PS. The first person to say 'scrap-booking' gets a kick in the ass.

Tuesday, February 11, 2014

minifig fun (in lieu of pirate)

My youngest would like a Mermaid birthday party. But as 80% of her guest list are boys we decided to make it Mermaids & Pirates so as not to alienate them ... I've heard rumours that boys aged 4+ are easily alienated by 'girlie' things.
Lordy, this gender divide thing is some serious crap.

I'm waiting for NYC to wake up for a teleconference, and to be honest suffering a small case of nerves in anticipation of the phone call, so this seemed as good a way as any to distract myself ...

Let's see if it gets the seal of approval.

[UPDATE: she loves it! Shew.]

Saturday, February 08, 2014

a month of me

I returned one crutch to the pharmacy today. I still need one for room-to-room walking, but I can hobble around the kitchen on two feet, preparing a simple meal or in today's case, baking a birthday cake for my mother-in-law.

It's astounding how liberating it feels to have the use of my hands, easily, and to have one hand now free to carry stuff around.
To take be able to take photographs.

I wrote about my wheelchair experience, but this whole month of disability has been rare and exceptional.

I was crushed that my year started on this foot (ha ha), but in hindsight (isn't it always?), it's been a gift.

Could the cry of that Fish Eagle that enticed me out on to the lawn (and I must write about my Fish Eagle thing soon), have been another instance of one telling me that this was good, that this was right?

For one month I've not been required to be anything much for anyone else. I've naturally done what I can for the girls - I've had them home every weekday afternoon, I'd throw together sandwiches, read stories etc - but there were vast tracts of their care that I couldn't do - bath, bedtime upstairs, endlessly searching for assorted crap, driving them around - and so, I couldn't.
I spent a lot of time just being me.

What a gift right?

I've had moments I haven't had since before being a parent.

I've sat on the stoop and watched evening fall like the lightest gossamer veil over the earth, the most beautiful guise of summer.
I've lain in deep baths and had long rememberings - childhood holidays, the houses of friends I had growing up, moments in our early relationship (20+ years ago!).
I've spent so much time with my cat.
I've been silent for hours.
I've hung out. With me.

There have been many less desirable moments. I've been in pain obviously - but besides the physical, I've had restless days. 'Pacing my cage' as an insightful friend put it. I've felt isolated and redundant, sorry for myself.
I've been working (and thank god I work from home) and I've been utilising social media big time, so it's not like I've been a total hermit. But I miss people.

And I've some bad habits to break. Wearing sweatpants for one. Very long morning coffee breaks outside. Twitter. Netflix.

But this evening, as I prepared supper for the girls, topped up their juice bottles, I felt such satisfaction in these mundane domestic tasks. Was it because I was caring for my family, I asked myself?
No, it was because I wasn't having to ask my poor husband to do it.

I'm grateful. For this time I've had. For my wonderful mother and husband who've picked up the reins so open-heartedly. For my daughters who've shown compassion and patience with my 'silly foot' every day of the last month.
For the beauty of my cage.
For this month of me.

Monday, February 03, 2014

where I sat

It was hot this weekend.
I pegged my way out on to the lawn to sit in the cool breeze under our Norfolk pine.
I sat there for a while and then pegged all the way back in to get my camera.

I've been so frustrated at not being able to take pictures. It's hard to get good angles when you can only lean on one leg, need both hands for moving. Can't jump up to grab the camera when the urge strikes or the moment's right.
So it was fun to focus on what was right around me, available with just the slightest of contortions. Textures and shadows, there'll be more of them in 2014.