Saturday, March 07, 2009

the week that was

Yowzer. It's been one of those weeks.

Most exciting thing: starting my new job!

It's been great, starting slowly but getting into it fast. My new boss is super, very on the go. We've discovered we have the same second name - Jean - and have been joking about starting our own company: The Jean Pool, A Pair of Jeans, Jeaniuses - none of which are original I'm sure, but all fun.

It's also been, in case I hadn't mentioned it before, fucking hot!!  Upper 30's every day - 39 degrees yesterday - no wind to give any relief, and a thick blanket of smoke from the wild fires raging on the mountains around. Heat like this is really draining, the late afternoon's a serious trial as one's body temperature soars and one's energy levels drop, but that first slightest breath of cooler air come evening (and sometimes this has only been at 9pm and even then just the merest hint of a breath) is so delicious, so welcome, it almost immediately gives one a lift. 

And reminds me that we must love these days, cherish each one, for each hot, hot day could be the last, each balmy summer evening already tinted with nostalgia - winter will come, oh yes she will, and although it's near impossible to imagine; she'll be a bitch!

Bizarrely, I've also been quite productive (thus proving the adage that the more you do, the more you can do I guess). Wouldn't it be great if I could include some of the long-outstanding domestic tasks I've tackled as crafts to add to my list?

Outstanding tasks of a minute and mundane nature such as finally washing and disinfecting these delightful little wooden fruits which I have long suspected of coming into contact with puppy pee and had therefore removed from circulation (i.e. Frieda's reach). I even finally glued one of little green stalks which had fallen off a strawberry - who ever finds time to do that?

Mundane domestic de-cluttering is remarkably soothing for the soul. And maybe it's not mundane at all. The sense of achievement I gain from knowing that I can tick silly little niggly things off my never-ending To Do list is really energising. And I've no doubt clears head-space to move on to other things. Although I've a suspicion that for women (and yes, I'm sorry, but I think this is a woman thing), there's a small percentage of our brain'swhich we primarily use for domestic To Do lists, and freed up space here is just filled with the next seemingly mundane domestic item on the eternal List.

Like when am I ever going to do anything about my desk??!


But there's been more going on than just serious work and trivial domesticity, more than just picnic suppers on the beach and lots of forest walks (proof, it seems, of another well-worn theory; that owning a dog is a great way to get fit), more to fill a bunch more posts. 

Oh and, yes, I chose the hottest week of the year to take up knitting again. But just very small and manageable knitting. Very cute knitting. And, of course, as yet, very incomplete knitting ... I'll have to save the reveal on this one for another time too.

Oh and, this one ...

Hmmmm ...


julochka said...

in thinking about seasons, i'm not sure how you can do spring-cleaning tasks in the heat of summer? but maybe i just can't get my head around upsidedown seasons. :-)

love the mirror on the bottom! it looks very exciting!

"jeaniuses" is genius, by the way. :-)

christineleclerc said...

Well, you know as much as I hate the heat right now it seems better than what we have in Alberta, Canada this morning. -37C. Brrrrr!