Monday, March 23, 2009

maybe these should be on frieda's list?

On account of the Ankle last week (physio again today and it's feeling much better thank you very much, still a little cranky in the evenings - just like the rest of me), Frieda & I had to fill our afternoons with non-active pursuits.

Not such an easy task let me tell you. I fear The Winter of My (Toddler's) Discontent which methinks is approaching. Ever the optimist.

Anyhoo, I've been dying for her to get old enough to paint, and while Husband may disagree that she's gotten there (blue paint seems to be very noticeable, everywhere), we had some fun making these handprints (hers).

I backed them with card and stuck little white chocolate chicks on them to be Easter cards for grannies and such-like. I might attach them to straws. I might not. Toyed with the idea of having speech bubbles which said 'Eat Me', but settled for 'Happy Easter love Frieda' written on the back (by me of course).

Because in all honesty if she were to write these cards they'd probably say 'Puppy. Poo. Outside. Good. Puppy.' or 'Upgar (helicopter). Drop. Water. Fire! Mountain.' ~ the two highlights of her most recent existence it seems.

No. 17!

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julochka said...

the handprint birdies are awesome. worth the blue paint all over the house, i'm sure. :-)