Saturday, September 19, 2009

epic parenting fail #3

'Mum, it's got hole in it.'

'Mmmm?' I'm distracted, checking supper in the oven, and don't look up. 'Careful here Frieda, the oven's hot.'

'Mum, it's got hole in it.'

I look up to see my 2 yr and 3 month old holding ... a scalpel.

I remain calm.

'Oooo sweetie, give that to Mum, it's very sharp. Not a toy.'

Different tone: 'Honey, care to explain how our daughter got hold of this?'

Husband blanches.

'MUMMY, it's got hole in it!'

We both swing round, her [incredibly ugly and impractical] bouncing ball [which we hate] is slowly sinking to the floor.

'Oh shame, its broken baby. See how dangerous that was? I'll just put this out in the rubbish bin, what a shame.'

All's well that ends well.


MissBuckle said...

Little man turnes around today and looks at me and says 'knife' and hands me the one we've been using whilst doing up the kitchen-

It's on a high shelf now.

Angelina said...

It's a wonder how children live to be adults with dangers abound. I'm glad it was only her ball that had a hole in it.

caroldiane said...

oh yes, parenting - it is a dangerous sport. My favourite saying about being a parent is "I wonder how long it will be until THIS is a funny story" Well handled, Mom!

recipes for the life said...

Oooh scary!

omchelsea said...

That's SO not a fail. The child was hole-free, hence a pass. Possibly gold-star worthy!

molly said...

that made ME sweaty!

rxBambi said...

First I need to agree with Omchelsea, no holes in her, you are a good momma. Second, that so reminded me of Pet Semetary by Stephen King!! LOL!!

ps- I'm glad she's safe. It's totally amazing the things we've all made it thru. I want to hear about epic parenting failures when she's 13... then we'll talk... ;)

Semper Eadem said...

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Stephanie Meade Gresham said...

This reminds me of the time I cleaned out the kitchen cupboard when Ladybug was just walking. She touched me on the shoulder as I hunched under the sink. She handed me a lightbulb and then walked away.

Sometimes I wonder how she made it past three.