Thursday, September 17, 2009

a matter of perspective

The gods of Google are out to scupper me, that can be the only conclusion drawn. I promised myself I wouldn't get into a huge bitch about how phenomenally frustrating blogging (or attempting to blog) has been the last few months. Bit I think I might have to just a little bit ...
Admittedly my biggest hurdle has been my own general state of utter exhaustion, but the few times I have had the inspiration and energy to blog I've been sooooo frustrated by Blogger that I've often given up in a huff. I've lost posts, only been able to open a new post in HTMtothefuckingL, waited a gazillion years for pics to upload and all manner of other annoyances, and you know when blogging's not fun (read: easy), I'm more inclined to go to bed and read.
So I made the change to Firefox and was so inspired by the improvement that I thought I might actually get round to posting every day this week. Gasp!

To this end I wrote a wonderfully witty and cathartic post last night and scheduled it to publish this morning. I checked my blog after publishing and happy that the post was nowhere to be seen, snuggled up in cyber-space for the night, I went to bed.
This morning, before the time the post was supposed to be published, I started receiving comments on it. Um, what?
Went to my blog, not there.
For SOME REASON (yes, shouting), Blogger decided my post was better suited to the 29th of August. It clearly had more of a, you know, August feel.
All manner of efforts, including posting on the 'Something's Broken' feed of the Blogger Help Forum, have proved unable to rectify the problem. And I'm pretty sure Blogger's American so it can't have anything to do with my Pom-bashing right? Right?

But then, as so often happens, perspective comes along to kick one in the ass and point out just how insignificant your problems really are.
My little brother has mumps! Yup, that childhood disease we were all carefully innoculated against decades ago which has now mutated into a whole new virus and come back to take healthy 27 yr olds out at the knees (and, um, a little higher). The poor dude is in isolation in his house for a week, starting to closely resemble a greedy hamster and unable to eat anything except soup and yoghurt. And chocolate mousse.
Our other brother and I have been taking turns to re-up his soup and DVD supply, dropping a bag at the gate, ringing the doorbell and then quickly getting back into our cars and waving at him through the closed windows. Pretty bleak.
Or is it ... ?
Husband and I had a moment last night where we conveniently forgot about the pain and fever poor baby brother is experiencing and allowed ourselves to imagine a week of total isolation. Just you, a pile of books, a stack of DVDs, a mountain of chocolate mousse ...
Nah, I'm sure it sucks.

OR, you could be an innocent under-age flower seller in Pasadena, being pimped out by your mother to an older guy with creepy hands like on this postcard I received today via Postcrossing.

She doesn't even have the internet, or mumps probably, and I'll bet she's having a worse day.


Annabel said...

Whatever, I am purposefully not getting the bum-shot. I bought 3 different kinds of chocolate mousses for him, come on, I think it's a schweet deal. Seriously, bring on the mumps!

julochka said...

you're cracking me up here. that's a hilarious postcard. i've not gotten any that were even remotely whimsical. what did you write in your profile?

maybe google has been so busy controlling the weather that they've let your blogger needs slide..

i've had to scheduled posts post at the wrong time, but most of the time, it works.

and aren't those guys who started google actually russian...we may never know the truth. oh wait, i'm thinking again about that Arctic Sea ship...

MissBuckle said...

I love that image of the kid being pimped by her mother.

And Bloggers been messing with me too.