Tuesday, September 15, 2009

if I were to twit

(which I don't), these would be my tweets from the last week ...

Has anyone ascertained the exact difference in skirt length between short short and whore short? It's both subtle and very, very obvious. 6 days ago

One asleep. One wake up. Frieda's summary of our visit to the cheetah sanctuary kinda says it all. Yawn. 6 days ago

Strawberries and double-cream lemon meringue yoghurt. Every. Day. 6 days ago 

If the old wives are right and too many strawberries during pregnancy cause child to have strawberry birthmarks then we might have to call this one Rosie. 5 days ago

Or Rusty? 5 days ago

And will it, by any other name, still be as baby-stinky? 5 days ago 

One episode of Desperate Housewives is fun. Two is slightly nauseating. Three makes me feel icky. 5 days ago

Strawberries Strawberries Strawberries Nom Nom Nom 4 days ago

I'm thinking a bull terrier skin rug would be delightful right now. 4 days ago

I can handle the nausea, the cramps, the sore boobs, the bloating, but maternity jeans? There's a reason not to procreate. 4 days ago

Binning the now 11cm high pile of unopened post on my desk. If I haven't needed any of it by now ... 4 days ago

Night. Highway. Car. iPod. Happiness. 4 days ago

Aha! Weeks of reading HELLO! magazine paid off - I got my UK visa! 3 days ago

Packed and ready to go to the mountains for the weekend. Funny how whenever Husband's not with us we always leave on time ... ? 3 days ago

Picked up my Dad, his laptop (in case he's inspired to write), his heater (in case it's chilly) and his extra-long extension cable (in case either of the above don't have a convenient plug point). Oh and his dogs. And their luggage. Just a 4h drive and we'll be there. 3 days ago

Ooooo, naartjies! May have to call it Rusty after all. 3 days ago

Back. Happy. Pics soon. 1 day ago


Annabel said...

:)(: You'd be a really great Twit. But then you'd be a twit. xo

recipes for the life said...

I am reading your posts after a long time, and they are funnier than ever. Congrats on the stork's visit :)

♥ chaitra

MissBuckle said...

They are like moment-bytes. Me like.

julochka said...

are you sure all of those are under 140 characters?

come on. you know you wanna do it. and this post is proof.