Saturday, September 26, 2009

shag ~ marry ~ kill

I had a nice clean wholesome post in mind for today but then I read this on Julochka's blog and I couldn't not play too ...

I was reminded of the time a good friend was playing Shag Marry Kill with other bored crew members on set during a night shoot. Naturally the subjects under consideration became their collegues, the hairy-back from the Lighting Dept or the overly-muscular Grip. I can imagine the squeals and giggles they tried to stifle as the game got out of hand.
All things considered they thought they were doing a fairly good job of remaining discreet 'til the foreign director wandered over from the other side of the set, he'd been well out of ear shot but obviously knew his stuff, he walked right up to them and casually asked: 'So would you shag, marry or kill me?'
Deafening silence.

So here goes, in no particular order ...
1. Bruce Willis ~ shag (I'm with Miss Buckle on this one)
2. Tom Cruise ~ torture slowly, then kill
3. Victoria Beckham ~ disfigure, then kill
4. George Clooney ~ wear down to a nub
5. MacGyver ~ marry (oh wait, I think I already did)
6. Jack Nicholson ~ shag, but probably best with the lights off
7. Sir Anthony Hopkins ~ marry
8. Cate Blanchett ~ shag
9. Bono ~ shag
10. Richard Gere ~ kill (with or without hamster)
11. Bob Marley ~ shag
12. Kevin Spacey ~ shag, then marry. And one day probably kill.
13. Stringer Bell from The Wire ~ shag
14. Ian McEwan ~ marry
15. Meryl Streep ~ marry

Nice clean post about whales tomorrow.


Tay said...

I wonder where Kurt Darren fits on your list...

rxBambi said...

I think I'm much more in tune with your list than I was with Julochkas. Especially regarding Cruise and Gere. Hate them. ugh.

MissBuckle said...

oooooh, Bruce Willis, mmmm....

The Fragrant Muse said...

I'm laughing my pants off here. #3 is my favorite!

julochka said...

what, no politicians?

and i wish i'd also said "torture slowly, then kill" to tom cruise.

and i completely forgot about bruce willis. and george clooney. how do you forget george clooney?

cate blanchett, i think i'd shag her too. and kate winslett.

what's really funny is i didn't know this was a real game...i really thought that Linda P came up with it on her talk show spoof. ha! shows how sheltered i've been.

so glad you played too. :-)

julochka said...

p.s. i don't know if you seen victoria beckham lately, but it seems to me that you could go straight to kill because the disfigurement has been done for you...