Sunday, June 27, 2010

daddy moose

Last weekend Father's Day was rather over-shadowed by The Birthday. Compensation felt in order.

Spicy with a hint of lemon zest, Big Daddy Moose biscuits seemed a worthy cookie with which to celebrate the father in our household.

The biscuit cutter was a gift from our favourite Heather. When I drooled over her haul from IKEA in NYC I did particularly like the look of the cookie cutter set. And when she got home, she gave it to us.
Thanks Heather!

And thanks babe, for being a wonderful Dad.


Deer Baby said...

I do like that moose. Will have to check out IKEA here. Or a deer would do. I have a thing for deer. One of my favourite picture books is called The Elusive Moose. What nice friends you have.

Heather Moore said...

You know, I've always thought I could so easily change my surname to Moose. Just one letter away. xx