Thursday, June 03, 2010

feeling the vibe ...

One week 'til kick-off and just suddenly, you can feel the vibe ...

Gone are the beaded flowers and animals usually sold at the traffic lights, now all the vendors are selling flags.
Big flags and small, flag 'socks' to fit rearview mirrors, small flags for car aerials, bigger ones to clip on your windows. Almost every car on the road has one of the above, many have all!
My favourite are the cars, especially black lux vehicles, with two flags fluttering on either side, a look formerly reserved for heads of state and VIP cars.

Houses are flying the flag, businesses have giant ones. Flagged caps, bags, I've even seen sparkly alice-bands with two small flags bouncing from them (want one) - South Africans are letting it all hang out, and it's fabulous.

Americans are probably completely used to this proud and prominent display of the national flag, the strange feeling of stopping at the lights next to a fellow citizen with whom one probably has nothing in common besides that you're both proudly displaying your country's flag.
You'd think we should be used to it, we were (mostly) all so proud of our New Flag in 1994.
But it's only now, and prompted by that great unifyer: sport, that it's become so prolific.

Here's hoping we keep the flags flying long after the World Cup. Let's try and keep the vibe, it's a good one.


William said...

Great photo. Good insight on the "unification effect" of flags. Thanks for the post.

Anonymous said...

Totally loving the flag flying look, and have one flapping from the van. Paul's got one on his bicycle seatpost too. Yay!

julochka said...

you've got mirror sokkies too! lynne sent me some. :-) and i love that mirror shot. it's awesome. :-) if this were flickr, i would "fave" it. or facebook, i would "like" it. weird how i miss those features when they're not there.