Thursday, June 10, 2010

three is ...

... the number of hours a week I've started doing some low-key work for a friend. Three hours in which I drive fast by myself in my car, listen to my iPod, wear dangly earrings, earn some pocket money and am Not A Mum.

... the number of mornings a week which Frieda spends at pre-school. Three mornings a week in which I only parent one child, don't have to answer incessant questions, can eat chocolate without having to share.

... the number of weeks Frieda's school will be closed for the holidays. Three weeks of parenting two children, answering incessant questions, eating illicit chocolate in the loo.

... the number of months we've had our Stella. Three months of baby delight.

... how old Frieda will be in a week's time. My baby will be three. And three is light years away from two.


Stephanie Meade Gresham said...

i'm doing this with one next saturday. sweet and sad.
you're so lucky you can wear dangly earrings!

the eternal worrier is: said...

Thanks for your comment at my place. It must be fantastic for football fans in SA at the moment. I wasn’t so bothered earlier in the week but now with 3 hours to go till we play our first game and I’m starting to feel nervous. Good luck in the rest of the competition.

Suburbia said...

That's so lovely :)

Found you at eternal worriers

Deer Baby said...

Don't know how you found me but I like what I see on here. Same taste in books. Great names for your kids - Frieda (Sylvia Plath's daughter) and Stella was a girl I thought was the coolest girl on the planet when I was young.

Glad to have found you!