Sunday, September 19, 2010

bundt envy

'Twas the weekend for it so I made this delicious cake from the fabulous gibberlicious blog.
I couldn't be less of a vegetarian but I'm a big veggie fan and have been greatly inspired by the Gibber's recipes and great step-by-step photos.
Any one of their dishes would make an awesome accompaniment to a fat juicy steak.

It also seemed an appropriate way to celebrate the last of our lemons. Our tree's finally given up its Type A tendency to over-produce and it looks like sometime soon we may have to (gasp) purchase lemons.

This Lemon & Buttermilk cake's a keeper. Or in this case, Lemon & Yoghurt 'cos I was too much in my pyjamas to go to the shop. Yup, I heated yoghurt. I'm fearless I tell you.

 Of course I don't have a big bundt like Rika, but enough of this cake should remedy that soon enough ...


Angelina said...

Indeed, I am envious, this looks and I'm certain was absolutely delicious. Yummy!

Stephanie Meade Gresham said...

That's a lovely bundt you have there. Hot yogurt or no.