Monday, September 06, 2010

just a normal afternoon ...

in which ~

My 3 yr old performed a c-section on me with wooden surgical implements from her doctor's kit, including entreating me to 'try and push it out first Mum'. Lordy I have to be careful what I tell this kid.
(oh and head's up - this reminds me I've still to post the Birth Story - watch out ...)

My nearly 6 month old proved herself to be a brand slut. Her first rice cereal was lovely Olli organics toasted rice cereal, which she consumed with relish. It was out of stock when we needed more so I bought a different brand. She didn't like it.
Today I bought Olli again. She had a double-serving.

This conversation played out:
Frieda: I love my Dad.
Me: I love your Dad too.
Frieda: No, you love your Dad, Grandad.
Me: But your Dad is my husband.
Frieda: No, [inserts name of my best friend] is your husband.

Um, okay ...


McGillicutty said...

yep... i thought that telling them the doc pulled them out of my tummy was way easier than the other story!!
kids are awsome!!!

krista said...

c-sections with three year olds and the dissection of parental relationships. that's a good day. xoxo

spudballoo said...

LOVE this post, really made me chuckle!

My 3 year old put a doll up my top and then calmly got the toy chain saw (which SOUNDS v realistic, it's terrifying) and then said...'Now...I CUT the baby out!' which sawing my stomach.