Wednesday, December 15, 2010

15 dec 2010

I ran into an old friend today. A friend from old times. A good friend? Hard to say, those old times seem in retrospect to have been so good, the people who shared them may have become gilded in my memories.

Suffice to say we were friends back when we all looked something like this ...

I know his warm and crinkly eyes so well, but am so far removed from the thoughts behind them now.
Old times. Good times.


dbs said...

I love people with crinkly eyes.

julochka said...

i ran into an old friend like that recently...on facebook, of all places...and i'm still processing what i think about it. but crinkly eyes are quite ok in my book. speaking of which, have you seen tony blair lately? he's not got crinkly eyes and it's quite disturbing.