Thursday, December 23, 2010

23 dec 2010

Some of my youngest brother's mates are joining us tomorrow evening, Christmas orphans coming to scavenge off our turkey carcass. They're lovely boys (and damn cute) so I've no problem with this at all.

In a rare burst of energy I've been baking up a storm so I put together these little gift boxes for them.

Smarties cookies (I have an addiction), knobbly meringues (wtf's up with that?), peppermint bark (made with humbugs instead of the still elusive candy canes) - from Lego of course - and root canal inducing fudge.

Candy for the eye candy.


Kathleen said...

What a lovely Care package!
Merry Christmas!

I love your blog it always gives me a bit of a chuckle and makes me smile.

dbs said...

Knobbly or not, your brother's mates are lucky guys to get those treats.