Saturday, December 18, 2010

18 dec 2010

I have a new phone.
This is my first post written and posted from it. Photo taken on phone. Uploaded on phone.

I have a new phone.
It's fucking cool. It's the 'anti-iPhone', an Android. It has ground-breaking Swype technology.

I have a new phone.
It's the business.
Just wish I had some business to do on it.

I have a new phone.
I also have a sore finger.
Touch screen takes some getting used to.

Oh and also we went to the park.
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Update: I didn't like the tiny pic when I posted this via the Blogger-droid App, wasn't sure if it was a reflection of the quality of photo or the App, now that I've come back to the post online I've been able to enlarge the pic enough to see the razor wire on the wall behind the kiddie-park down the road. Now that's more realistic.

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dbs said...

"It's the business." I like that expression. I have a new expression. It's the business.