Wednesday, December 01, 2010

1 dec 2010

This is my life. Taking stock. Giving thanks. Stopping and pondering.

Call it what you will, at the end of a crazy year which has moved far, far too fast for my liking, a year in which I feel like I've done so little while confident that I've achieved so much, a year in which I feel I've not touched base with myself properly but yet have learnt so much about my own capabilities, a year which has just ... happened, one crazy day tumbling after another.
At the end of this crazy year I want to take stock, give thanks, stop and ponder. Even if it's only for a second.

And what better place to start than this?



McGillicutty said...

Awwww I loved that stage.... ponder and pause my dear, ponder and pause!!!!

middle child said...

Just drink in the beauty!

julochka said...

is it already time to take stock! ack! i haven't done a thing this year!! you, on the other hand. did big stuff.