Monday, September 05, 2011

the best thing(s) about a childfree morning

... jaywalking.

... talking aloud without having to explain myself.
(mumble) 'Damn, I should've turned there.'
'What did you say Mum?'
(slightly louder) 'I said I should've turned there but it doesn't matter, I'll take the next one.'
'The next what Mum?'
'The next turn.'
'This one Mum?'
(deep breath) 'No, the next one coming up.' (mumble) 'Damn, that's a one-way'
'What's a one-way Mum?'
(little exasperated) 'Um, I can't explain right now sweetie, could we just not talk while I work out where I'm going?'
(small pause) 'Are we lost Mum?'

... eating chocolate for breakfast. And not having to share it.

... not carrying wet wipes (though this can sometimes be a disadvantage).

... listening to Dr Eve on 567 CapeTalk.


dbs said...

My 15 year old son comments every time I illegally do a rolling stop. It never changes.

Just Jules said...

back to school never felt so good as it did this year. I accomplished in a morning what would have taken me several trips to town with my kids to do- woohoo!