Sunday, September 18, 2011

I made some stuffz

Okay, so I haven't just been watching crap TV and baking and building an empire and spending lots of time on Pinterest.
I have been doing lots of all the above (you know that thing about the more you do the more you can do? It's true. Also, the less sleep you get. Yawn.), but I also had one of those moments where you realise that there's no point in collecting lots of (p)inspiration and not doing anything with it. So I made some stuffz.

This bracelet, from Honestly WTF ... (I loved her colours)

...  this shirt ... (for a special occasion)

... and these, because why wouldn't I?

Don't say I don't ever do nothing.


dbs said...

You make me smile.

Just Jules said...

it almost makes me want to be creative. almost.....this feeling will pass

Lynne said...

love Mercury's shoes!

julochka said...

well done! you make me want to do something with all that stuff i've pinned...probably it will result in baking. or maybe that red velvet hot chocolate....rather than anything cool and arty.

buy rift account said...

Wow! that was really cute.