Sunday, August 16, 2009


Observatory is often referred to as 'colourful'. A nice word, a word used to paint over the exceedingly grimy cracks in this old suburb's facade. A bright and cheery word to describe a 'burb which could in all fairness also be called 'grimy', 'seedy', 'rough' and yup, let's be honest here: 'skanky'.
There are other nice words used by estate-agents and the like to describe this old Grande Dame of Cape Town ~ 'bohemian' is a favourite, 'diverse' is a nice trendy one, 'unique' is utterly transparent in its patronising glibness.

Obs is Obs, she embodies and defies all of the above labels, and warrants far more too, good and bad. But 'colourful' is the one she deserves the most, not least of all in the most literal sense of the word. Colour. Full.

She might not be no pot o' gold, but she's home. For now. 


Cindy said...

Beautiful photos, no place like home, I love the rainbow.

Denise Kiggan said...

I have enjoyed Obs on a few recent visits to Cape Town when we found the Biscuit Mill and we unsuccessfully tried to find the Queen of Tarts[?] coffee shop! Love your colourful perspective!

AnnaB said...

Aaah Molls, you've such a beautiful, beautiful house. One day when I grow up I'll have one just like it. I just love your lights, no really I'm serious. xo

Jane said...

What a beautiful cat on the roof!!!