Tuesday, July 13, 2010

hi mum!

So my mother's found my blog.

Not that I was keeping it a secret or anything. I just hadn't really mentioned it before. But then someone did and now it's out and after a second of ohmygodwhathaveIwrittenwhatwillshethinkdidImentionthatthingthatsummer I've remembered that it's all about blogging like nobody's reading. Not even your mother.

So let's give a great big Molly's Blog welcome to my Mum - HI MUM!

And here's a couple of links to get you started:
Some for you
some for Dad
some for laughs.

Now bugger off and pretend you're not there!


Sharon Longworth said...

I know just how that feels. I got a Sunday morning phone call from my mother, who I had no idea was reading my blog - 'why have you been writing about me for all those strangers to read...'It bothered me at first, but we both soon managed to pretend we didn't care.

Stephanie Meade Gresham said...

Hi, mum. Don't tell my mum about my link, k?


spudballoo said...

ha! You've been busted. My Dad knows about my blog but I assumed he didn't read but he rang me yesterday to tell me one of my 30 Secrets was inaccurate...I didn't have a tantrum over a toy, i wanted a go on a ride on toy thing. Riiiiiight.

Hey Molly's Mum!

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

this really made me laugh, and your 'now bugger off' did the final trick I think. thanks ever so much.

Nichole said...

Oh, I find it just fine for perfect strangers to read my blog. But family and friends...ah, it's nerve racking. On one hand, I'm a teensy tiny bit proud of my little life and space in blog land. But on the other, I'm sometimes so much more unguarded on this wide open space. Which is ironic, but true. What does that say about me and my comfort level with my family?

Feel your pain. It's awkward letting our loved ones in on our little secret...