Friday, June 15, 2012

tiny houses

Julochka had a post recently on tiny houses - a few ceramic miniature houses she'd picked up at a flea market. She also has the best Pinterest board full of images of teeny-weeny houses, it's one of those boards which represents the greatness of Pinterest - a deeply personal collection of absolutely exquisite creative expressions from all over the world.

All this reminded me of my tiny houses, and a weird coincidence, and how it all ties in nicely with my recent obsession - houses.

When my Grandfather died earlier this year, he left instructions for his grandchildren to divvy up his lovely collection of ceramic and glass figurines. We gathered together after his funeral and took turns to choose items which reminded us of him, of visiting his home as children and later with our children.

I was so happy to bring home this little row of porcelain Gault houses.

And especially pleased when husband and Frieda recognised them instantly and both said how they remembered them in my Grandfather's home. Perfect.

So imagine our delight when we spotted these ...

... a row of tiny houses (very possibly Gault?) on the bedroom windowsill of our New House (yes, that will be my New Bedroom View).

Another one of my portents and dreams I think. Another one which seems to now have come true.

I love my tiny houses, and I love that I'll be taking them (and the associated fond memories of my Grandad) to our new big house too.


krista said...

as much as i love your story and the serendipitous qualities of the houses....
sweet jesus LOOK AT THAT VIEW!!!! good lord, woman.

julochka said...

those little houses in the window are delft and given out in biz class on KLM. I have a similar collection, this is how I know! and I have little house envy of your ones from your grandpa!

Lifeofkaylen said...

I've never seen any of those little houses before-they are super cute! I think it's definitely a sign that you saw one in the house you'll be moving into. And WOOOOW that view is amazing!!

jennifer anderson said...

there are no coincidences