Thursday, October 18, 2012

how I met your mother

I love love stories. Stories about how people met their significant others.

Okay, I love stories and people and love but the combination of the three, with a really good love story, actually makes my fingertips tingle.

Here's a good one I heard recently.

A couple met for the first time aged 10, on a church camp. Then, completely coincidentally, again aged 13, another church camp.
Both times they really hit it off, first as buddies, then as giggly self-conscious tweens.
After that they didn't see each other for a decade.

She went to university, fell pregnant and moved to another city to live with her parents and face life as a single mum.
He learnt a trade, married young, had a child and then a nasty divorce.

Completely by chance, when her baby was 8 months old, she and her parents visited a mission station in a remote part of the country. They stayed with the couple running the mission and she, by looking at the family photos on the walls, realised they were her camp buddy's parents. They all had a good laugh.

A few days after she got home she emailed them some photos she'd taken while staying there. He emailed her back.

8 months later they married. He adopted her baby and a few years later they had one of their own.

Such intertwining of coincidence and circumstance can only be fate right? And although not a believer myself I can absolutely understand how they see the hand of God in their story, working to bring them together.

Fate or God clearly they were meant to be. And that's totally romantic enough for me.


eggdipdip said...

oh that is so lovely. I'm a sucker for a good love story too.

Extranjera said...

Not to derail any romantic ideas of yours, but how fortunate are we to be living in a time that first allows for a woman to get pregnant and have a baby all on her own (well, almost on her own) and secondly, also allows for that woman to have the kind of status that makes it possible for her to look up that old friend of hers and end up marrying him!? Right? And don't get me started on the divorced man...
So I guess what I'm saying is that it's nice to see that God seems to be focusing more nowadays on making people happy and their lives 'function'. That hasn't always been his/her strong suit, mind you...

Molly said...

Not to derail any romantic ideas of yours, but I gather it was not so much the time she lives in which allowed her to get pregnant but a split condom on a one-night stand. But ja, big up to God on this one.