Tuesday, April 09, 2013

lists of 5: 5 reasons I'm already feeling better.

- a big weep, a couple actually
- yoga this morning
- her 3 hour nap
- smoked salmon for dinner
and most preciously,
- so much warmth, love and support from friends far and near ... thank you.

These are the things which have me feeling better today.


Jesse said...

This might help too: http://reasonsmysoniscrying.tumblr.com/ Or at least raise a giggle or two.

Molly said...

I freaking love it. New strategy is to take photos of mine every time she freaks out ... will at least be amusing to show her one day.

Amanda said...

Oh, Molly. So glad to hear. Sometimes just putting those things out to the universe is all it takes! Keep your chin up...as my mom used to say!