Friday, September 13, 2013

these cats

These cats don't get photographed as much as they once did. Our black Khoki is increasingly wary of the children. This house is big enough for her to stay out of sight most of the day, until the girls are in bed and she slinks out to demand the attention she is due as our first baby. It's impossible to photograph a black cat at night.

And this little girl is very much getting on in years. Fritta, though nowadays mostly just called Ginger, is completely nonplussed by children, visiting dogs, vacuum cleaners or thunder claps. But rattle a plastic bag within a 3 room radius and she streaks off in an orange flash.
She spends more and more time in bed. As an elderly lady should be allowed to do.

I don't photograph them as much as I once did. But they are here.


julochka said...

aww, pretty black kitty, hiding behind the table leg. and an orange cat that's a girl is very unusual, she's a special one, that grand old dame.

Molly said...

She's pretty that black one. Our first baby. And yup, a fairly unique orange. We do love them.