Saturday, December 28, 2013

my guide to a non-religious christmas

~ embrace the magic
~ be very proud when your youngest is chosen to be Mary in the (very secular I might add) school play

~ put up a tree
~ do a homemade advent calendar
~ sing Christmas carols
~ express gratitude
~ make Christmas Crack (aka English Toffee)

~ give freely to those less fortunate
~ watch Love Actually
~ be spontaneous, silly and generous, all because it's Christmas
~ make it mermaid themed

~ really look at the first picture, see the wonder and awe with which they're all looking at the baby.
Remember that Christmas is about rebirth, new beginnings, children, family, love, respect and admiration, celebration.

Well, that's how I do it anyway. Hope you've all had a good one.

1 comment:

julochka said...

you forgot the food!

at least in your blog post. i imagine you didn't forget the food in real life. because one cannot live on christmas crack alone!