Saturday, March 22, 2014

paul auster day

I spent yesterday in bed with some weird lurgy. Possibly explains the grumpiness on Wednesday...

It was a public holiday so Husband was home, lucky him, and I could just rot quietly upstairs ... with Paul.

Sunset Park, not one I'd read before, and not going to be my new favourite (Oracle Night will be a tough one to oust), but god it was a treat to spend a day in his head, in a world of his creation.

Always, always, while reading Paul Auster I want to write while I'm reading. Makes no sense right? I don't want to copy his content at all, but the way he writes is so very inspiring that my fingertips tingle ... and then stop as soon as I put him down.
Second best would be to read him with a notebook on my knee, and jot down the thoughts that flow. But I'm too immersed, loving it too much, to step outside of the book even for a moment.

So it was a blessing really to be able to read this novel in one sitting lying. And I did!

I must get started on my 2014 book list ... more noise!


Gail said...

I have never read Paul Auster but seeing his name made me pause. I am busy reading a novel written by his wife Siri Hustvedt, "The Sorrows Of An American" and am absolutely looooving it! Have you read any of hers? I now can't wait to read one of Paul Auster's books, will start with your recommendation of Oracle Night. Thanks so much for posting your 2013 Book List, I am enjoying working through it.

Molly said...

I remember discovering they were married and being amazed and awe-struck by the powerhouse of creativity ... oh to be a fly on the wall!
I loved Sorrows and What I Loved by her. There was another one though ... the something of Lily Dahl I think ... which I wasn't as fond of.
Hope you enjoy Oracle Night - come back and tell me what you think!

Gail said...

Feel so stupid! Didn't realize you had The sorrows.... On your list, sorry. Some of my recommendations ( if you haven't read them already)
Me Before You by Jojo Moyes
Her by Christa Parravani
False River by Dominique Botha ( sure you would have read this by now). I loved it and as a SA living in the US, made me quite homesick!
Between working and sticking profusely not sure where you find time to read!

Molly said...

Oooo, haven't read any of those! Thanks for the recommends Gail.