Wednesday, June 25, 2014


It happened, of course. Despite my totally logistical burnout post-conference, and the feeling that this was one of the most slap-dash birthday parties we've ever produced, Frieda turned 7 and we had a wonderful time celebrating her.

7 is HUGE. And totally magnificent. I wrote this laaaast May, just before she turned 6, and with a couple of tweaks every word stands true. This kid is delicious.

In her Cleopatra costume we threw together literally 15 minutes before everyone was due to arrive.

The Wild Boar cake for which her father must take all the credit (although I'm the one who insisted on pinata-ing it with Smarties).

Her lovely sister who led the rousing rendition of Happy Birthday ... her sweet friends who spoiled her so generously ... MY sweet friends who came and assisted in trampoline-building and cocktail-mixing and generally made us feel loved and supported.

Birthdays are the BEST.

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