Saturday, January 10, 2015


I'm done with this piece.

I'm so happy with the eye, the hair, the whole face actually. But those damn flowers.
I'm done with them.

I've revisited this piece over and over for months now, I've redone those flowers 3 times, but I think it's time to walk away.
Be happy with what it is or move on (or back to) another project and apply the lessons learned.

Interesting for me is that going into this, I didn't expect the flowers to be the hard part. I was apprehensive of how to do her skin (it is so overwhelmingly smooth and flawless in the photo), her eye took me nearly 3 hours work (and I do love it), but I thought the flowers would be the easy part.

Clearly you stick 'n learn.


Veronica Roth said...

I've missed your art work so much. So lovely. Funny about the skin vs the flower business. I know how that feels. So many times I've had these unexpected frustrations. Keep going though...on another one...this one looks wonderful.

Molly said...

Thanks Veronica, that really means a lot from you!